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Greetings Everyone,


Bobby Hill from BCHILL Entertainment was asked and given the opportunity to speak to the Southern Union State Community College Theater students in Wadley, AL about theater, film, and the Arts. Mr. Hill helped give them understanding and knowledge on how to reach their goals, stay focus and what is needed to succeed in theater & film within the south. 

BCHILL did it again.

Educating the future Entertainer


Another year and another opportunity for Bobby Hill from BCHILL Ent. to teach the Fine Arts Camp at Southern Union State Community College in Wadley, AL in the arts. Such a great experience and another chance to educate other artists in their craft.

Let's Make Art!!!


What's Good Everyone,


BCHILL Entertainment has been busy for the past two years trying to develop more and greater short videos for your enjoyment. When you have the chance to check out BCHILL's youtube click the link below to see old and new videos. 


Youtube/Bobby Hill


Enjoy and BCHILL (0w0)

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